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Phea L.

Calculus 1 / AB

1 week, 1 day ago


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Video Transcript

So here are function is F of X is equal to x squared plus one. So we have to solve for x. So we'll do we'll consider let FFX be equal to zero. Yeah. Equating our function to zero, so X squared plus one equals to zero. So we have to bring the numerous part of the site. It is plus on the side. So when it goes to that that it would be X squared is a calcium minus one. Okay, so when x squared physicals to minus one, X would be equals two. Yeah. Plus or minus root of -1 that this plus Route of -1 and- of Root of -1. In this case minus one can also be known as iota. It is iota. So it is, the answer is iota las iota and minuses. I hope you understood this question. Thank you.