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Biology 2015

Sylvia S. Mader, Michael Windelspecht

Chapter 23

Plant Evolution and Diversity


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Problem 1

Which of these are characteristics of land plants?
a. multicellular with specialized tissues and organs
b. photosynthetic and contain chlorophylls a and b
c. protect the developing embryo from desiccation
d. have an alternation-of-generations life cycle
e. All of these are correct.

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Problem 2

Label this diagram of alternation-of-generations life cycle.

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 3

In the moss life cycle, the sporophyte
a. consists of leafy, green shoots.
b. is the heart-shaped prothallus.
c. consists of a foot, a stalk, and a capsule.
d. is the dominant generation.
e. All of these are correct.

Rabia B.
Numerade Educator

Problem 4

In bryophytes, sperm usually move from the antheridium to the archegonium by
a. swimming.
b. flying.
c. insect pollination.
d. wind pollination.
e. bird pollination.

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 5

A small, upright plant that resembles a tiny, upright pine tree with club-shaped strobili and microphylls is a
a. whisk fern.
b. lycophyte.
c. conifer.
d. horsetail.
e. fern.

Danielle N.
Numerade Educator

Problem 6

a. have a single strand of vascular tissue.
b. evolved before megaphylls.
c. evolved as extensions of the stem.
d. are found in lycophytes.
e. All of these are correct.

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 7

How are ferns different from mosses?
a. Only ferns produce spores as dispersal agents.
b. Ferns have vascular tissue.
c. In the fern life cycle, the gametophyte and sporophyte are both independent.
d. Ferns do not have flagellated sperm.
e. Both b and c are correct.

Prashant B.
Numerade Educator

Problem 8

Ferns have
a. a dominant gametophyte generation.
b. vascular tissue.
c. seeds.
d. Both a and b are correct.
e. Choices a, b, and c are correct.

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 9

Which of these is found in seed plants?
a. complex vascular tissue
b. pollen grains that are not flagellated
c. retention of female gametophyte within the ovule
d. roots, stems, and leaves
e. All of these are correct

Priya M.
Numerade Educator

Problem 10

a. have flowers.
b. are eudicots.
c. are mono cots.
d. produce fruit.
e. reproduce by seeds

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 11

In the life cycle of the pine tree, the ovules are found on
a. needlelike leaves.
b. seed cones.
c. pollen cones.
d. root hairs.
e. All of these are correct

Alexander C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 12

Which of these pairs is mismatched?
a. anther—produces microspores
b. carpel—produces pollen
c. ovule—becomes seed
d. ovary—becomes fruit
e. flower—is a reproductive structure

Nalvi D.
Numerade Educator