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Problem 50

The compound $\mathrm{XCl}_{4}$ contains 75.0$\% …

Problem 49

A compound whose empirical formula is $X F_{3}$ consists of 65$\%$ F by mass. What is the atomic mass of $X ?$


27$($ aluminum $)$



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Video Transcript

Okay. This is a relatively easier ocean we have. The empirical formula of compound is X f three. We know the mask percent off Lorene in the compound is 65 then the mass percent. The mass off Floren present in 100 gram off compound will be also 65 and the difference is 35 grams off X the molar mass for Florida's 19 grounds. So, using the unitary method in one mole off compound the amount off Lauren present is 57 gums. So in 100 grams off compound 65 Graham off Florian is present, while 35 graham off excess bill. Then the mask off ex present for 57 when zero Graham off Lauren will be 31 grams for more.

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