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Problem 18 Easy Difficulty

(a) Find the differential $ dy $ and (b) evaluate $ dy $ for the given values of $ x $ and $ dx. $
$ y = \frac {x + 1}{x - 1}, x = 2, dx = 0.05 $


(a) $\frac{-2}{(x-1)^{2}} d x$
(b) $-0.1$


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Video Transcript

okay, Part A. We know that we can do the question role so one times X minus one minus X plus one times one over the denominator squared. Remember the formulas F one G minus After you won over G squared The simple question negative, too. Over X minus one squared and then we can write a D ax. After this. Maybe wanting to part B. We have negative two over two minus one squared times 0.5 gives us t y equals negative 0.1.