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Problem 31 Easy Difficulty

A spaceship, 200 m long as seen on board, moves by the Earth at $0.970 c .$ What is its length as measured by an earthbound observer?


$L_{0}=822.69 \mathrm{m}$


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Video Transcript

Okay, So the left that was measured by it and earthbound observers should be the contracted land which is able to Algeria over gamma Algeria. Here is a proper land which is given as 200 meter and gamma. Here's is the Lawrence factor, which is, you know, the one over square root all minds, every squirrel with C score. So if it was not random, here we have our is going to square one minus three square overseas where tens algae. Oh, so we know the glasses, given it's a 0.97 c. So not as plug invented the question to determine the contracted length, which is Steve Land That was measured Body Earth observer, which is equal to and square. Oh, want minus zero point. Nice seven. See to a power to oversee square and then times 200 meter. And this will give us okay length. There was matter. Body Earth Observer is about 48 0.6 meter

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