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Problem 48 Hard Difficulty

Describe and sketch a solid with the following properties. When illuminated by rays parallel to the z-axis, its shadow is a circular disk. If the rays are parallel to the y-axis, its shadow is a square. If the rays are parallel to the x-axis, its shadow is an isosceles triangle.


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Video Transcript

first, I am going to draw the three Major access the ex the way and the access The problem. Give us three properties to determine the treaty. Solid objects, industry building our access The operate one would be ours said access and dishes would be our Y axis and the X axis. I would also draw a plane in the ex wife X Z y z so that we can visualize the shadow off our 30 solid object. Yeah, race parallel to the set. Access would produce a circle shadow. So I'm going to draw a circle in the X Y plane while rays parallel to the Y axis would produce a square shadow and race parallel to the X arses would produce on a socially strangle. Together with these three cross sections, we can determine our three d solid objects. Here we have the circle as the base off our duty object. Remember that the diameter of this circle we go inside with the sides off the square and I also strangle. So here I am going to draw the base off the square. When we view our treaty story object from the top, we would see. Do you hear, Kevin. And if you do it parallel today why We need to see the square. And I will draw here in the in socialist triangle. So if you're doing if you do this object in the parallel to the X cubed CB associate strangle. Also remember that the street cross sections is the boundary off our TV. Solid objects. Yeah. So it would follow the circuit, the associates triangle and the square. So you really see Gerbe care of define defining the boundaries, just some cleaning up. So this would probably be the treaty solid object.