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Problem 61 Medium Difficulty

Evaluate the integral.

$ \displaystyle \int \frac{d \theta}{1 + \cos \theta} $


$$t+C=\tan \left(\frac{\theta}{2}\right)+C$$


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Video Transcript

here. Let's good and multiply by one minus co sign and then we have one minus co sign and then here on the bottom. You should get one minus co sign squared, and that's equal to science work. So from there, let's just split this into two. Look, Quinn, and then we can go ahead and rewrite thes and liberals. There's something we recognize, so that's Kosi can square. And then here I write this as coasts and over sign and then one over sign. So that becomes Cose Engine because he can. And then here we have. We know these for the table, great and your constancy, and that's our answer.