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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

Find the limit.

$ \lim_{t\to 1} \left(\frac{t^2 - t}{t - 1}\ i + \sqrt{t + 8}\ j + \frac{\sin \pi t}{\ln t}\ k \right) $


$1 i+3 j-\pi k$


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Video Transcript

the problem is finding a Lim Limited. He goes toe What? His square My honesty over T minus one times I plus return us eight I'm still us sign Hi Tam STI or al aunty ask eh? So first damn it! He goes to one He squired dynasty Homer he minus one This's a culture limit he calls to one He passed my swan Kovar minus one. This issue could limit because one he this's you could want Lim He goes to one genter Class eight This's the continent Tough one pass Ain't this is equal to three and lam it He goes to one Fine Hi. She over lmt since Time High is equal to zero And Alan one is also zero. So here we use Lope Rita's raw So this's he cultured limit He goes to one derivative Signed Piety is high times co sign piety on DH Degenerative off twenty is one over tea This's the cultural Hi Call sign Hi, Omar. One success It is effective heart Now the limit have thiss back to function is to one times i us three times plus neck till pai haves cases this imp Linus Hi