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Problem 364 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean.
$$28.8 , 32.9 , 32.5 , 27.9 , 30.4 , 32.5 , 31.6 , 32.7$$


Therefore, the mean is 31.1625


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Video Transcript

in this problem, we're going to find the meaning of this set of numbers And the mean is the sum of the values divided by n where n is the number of values. So in this case, we have eight values. So in is eight. Okay, so to get the mean, we're going to add all these numbers together and divide by eight. So when you add all the numbers together you get 249.3 and 2 49.3 Divided by eight is 31.16 to 5. That seems reasonable because it does appear to fall between the lowest number, 27.9 and the highest number, 32.9.