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Problem 9 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean for each list of numbers.
$30,200 ; 23,700 ; 33,320 ; 29,410 ; 24,600 ; 27,750 ; 27,300 ; 32,680$




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Video Transcript

this question gives you a list of numbers and asks you to find the mean. The numbers that it gives are 30,200 23,700 33,320 29,410. 24,600 27,750 27,000 300 and 6 32,080 And we knew that the formula to find the mean explore is the sum of all the exes, which we right some X I divided by n or the sample size. Here we can count them up. See, that end is just equal to eight. And using a calculator, we confined the sum of all of these data points to be equal to 228,960. So when we do the math here, we'll find that X bar is equal to 228,000 960 divided by eight. Which calculator tells me is 28,000 620 and that's your final answer