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Problem 12 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean for each list of numbers.




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Video Transcript

this question gives you a list of numbers and ask you to find the mean the numbers that it gives our 15.3. 27.2, 14.8, 16.5. 31.8. 40.1, 18.9, 28.4. 26.3 and 35.3 35.3. So we know that our formula for the mean is X bar is equal to the sum of all the data points that we write that some of X I from I equals one to n right. And so we call this the third data point x three and we call this since they're 10 data points x 10. Um and we know that well, exports to some of all the data points divided by n now n here is the number of data points and and we can count is just 10. And when we plug all this door calculator, we find that the summer data points with some of eggs. I is equal to 254.6. So you know, the X bar is equal to 2 54.6 over 10 which is equal to 25.46 and that's your final and