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Problem 37 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean and median for the following.
Wheat production


$\bar{X}=2095.9\text{, Median}=2130$


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Video Transcript

this question shows you a table of the production of bushels of wheat over the years. It s easy to find the mean and the median. First, we'll find that mean we know that the mean explore is equal to the sum of all of our data divided by the number. We know that our sample size and is 10 here or 10 data points. And when we plug all of this into our calculators, we confined the X and that's some of the exes is equal to 20,959. So it's a quick step to explore. All we do is divide one by the other, and we'll find that are mead is 2959 point executing 2000 95 0.9. This also wants us to find the median. And to do that, I'm going to, uh, do a little bit of a different method. Normally, what I do is I put them all in order and then count up. But instead of doing that, I want to try something that will be a little bit faster. We know that when n is 10 the median is theatric between the fifth entry and the sixth entry. That's because right in the middle is 5.5. So we take the ones right next to it and average those. So instead of putting them all in order, I'm just gonna find the 1st 6 the lowest six and on average, five and six and see what we get. So I go through this list, I think the lowest one is 16,006 then 18,000 heat. Then 19,047 says three. And I see 20,000. 51. 21,000 three and 21,057. So five and six right here to find the media. And I just have to average those. And when I do, I get that the median is equal to 20,130 and that's