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Problem 49 Easy Difficulty

Find the work done by a force $ F = 8i - 6j + 9k $ that moves an object from the point $ (0, 10, 8) $ to the point $ (6, 12, 20) $ along a straight line. The distance is measured in meters and the force in newtons.


$W=144 J$


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Video Transcript

in the problem, we have been given force and the points. So victor are that is the distance is given us six minus zero. Hi Cap plus 12 minus stan Jacob plus 20 minus eight. Get go. So this is equal to six icap plus to Jacob Plus 12 K Gap. So this is the vector are now what then is equal to S dot product with odd. So here we have, this equals two. This is 8 -6 and nine. Product. Wait six, two and 2. Health. Therefore this is equal to Yeah, 48 minus 12 plus 98. So this becomes 36 plus 98. It comes out to be 1 34 jule or we can see this as one day before newton meter. So So we have 134 dual or 1 34 Newton meter as the answer to the problem.