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Problem 23

Finding an Indefinite Integral In Exercises 15- 3…

Problem 22

Finding an Indefinite Integral In Exercises 15- 36 , find the indefinite integral and check the result by differentiation.
$\int\left(\sqrt[4]{x^{3}}+1\right) d x$


\frac{4 x^{7 / 4}}{7}+x+C


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Video Transcript

So we're looking for Yeah. Derivative for the four through Ex cute plus one books Room. Just be reading this X three over for close one. Yeah, Thanks. We're gonna add one. Got something? Wars. We'll divide. Exposed four suns. Cracks the seven points since, plus thanks. See, Income's protected long 7/4 kills. The four sevens were not quick X three forms close one. She's killed by that differentiation. So we wind up with exactly four through execute. That's one. Okay, I hope it makes sense.

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