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Problem 38 Easy Difficulty

If a vector has direction angles $ \alpha = \frac{\pi}{4} $ and $ \beta = \frac{\pi}{3} $, find the third direction angle $ \gamma $.




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Video Transcript

The problem is, if a Wachter has direction and goes, how far is he? Got a pie over for Onda Beta eyes Go to Pai over three. Find the third direction angle Gamma But this problem first to a half could sign off a score plus call Sign Beta square us Sign Grandma Squire, You sick or what? In the half cousin are far Is the control consigned? Hi, we're for services. Which of two? Over to Squire and consigned. Bright eyes we call Took assign high over three. So this is one half square US co sign Guy must learn your secret one. So we have to assign Kama Square If we go to one force so consign gamma if they want to plus or minus one half angle. Gamma is equal to hi Over three war Shuhei over three