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Problem 2

Explain whether each of the following events incr…


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Problem 1

In June 2009, at the trough of the Great Recession, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that of all adult Americans, 140,196,000 were employed, 14,729,000 were unemployed, and 80,729,000 were not in the labor force. Use this information to calculate:

a. the adult population

b. the labor force

c. the labor-force participation rate

d. the unemployment rate


A. $235,654,000$
B. $154,925,000$
C. 65.74$\%$
D. $=9.51 \%$



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Video Transcript

question one in June 2 thousand nine and the troll off the greatest recession the Bureau of Labor Statistics to announce that all off, all a doubt, Americans 140,000,000 in 196,000 people were employed and 14,000,000 in 729,000 people are unemployed, and 80 millions and 729,000 people are not a labor force. So use this information to calculate the following, um, questions. OK, ay, the doubt population. So on the adult population is just this some off all these three numbers. So, uh eh, The answer to question is the sun the sum of all these numbers which isthe, um I need to turn on my calculator. We're sinking, you know, Director, it's also adult population isthe 235,000,000 and 654 1000 people. All right, be the labor force. So people who are not in a labour force, the number is right here. So those who are in the labor our force is the sum of these two items, which is I'm sorry. Chase. Come on. 150 4,000,000 and 925. Now listen Okay. Questions. See, the labor force participation breeds. So the labor force participation rate ISS labor force divided by the the adult population. So is the answer of question. Be divided by the answer of question, eh? Which is 65 0.74%. All right. The last question is, what is the point? Appointment rate. So the unemployment rate is the number ofthe people unemployed, divided by total labor force, which is the answer of question. Be so this number divided by this number. So wait a second on. It isthe going to be he life point A, uh, 0.51%.

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