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Problem 26 Easy Difficulty

Match the parametric equations with the graphs (labeled I-VI). Give reasons for your choices.

$ x = \cos^2 t $ , $ y = \sin^2 t $ , $ z = t $




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Video Transcript

the problem is match the Parametric Equations sect Wells. He reasons for your choices. Your axe is equal to a scientist square. Why's the court scientist squire say? Is it t So we have X plus y is it would want he is from make to infinity. To infinity, Andi is a projection of security. Um, Axe. A plane is actually what you call sign Teo Squire. And how Why's it playing? That's why I called you Fine, please. Now let's look happens of roofs on the number two and three, the candy. Any members from neck to reinvent into infinity and then compiled. It's a projection punk. I see playing on. Why's it fine? Because they only number three thirty five. The conditions says graph. I number the ring.