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Problem 9

Write "true" or "false" for each statement. (a) W…


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Problem 8

Nitrogen monoxide and oxygen react to form nitrogen dioxide. Consider the mixture of NO and O $_{2}$ shown in the accompanying diagram. The blue spheres represent $\mathrm{N},$ and the red ones represent $\mathrm{O}$ . (a) How many molecules of $\mathrm{NO}_{2}$ can be formed, assuming the reaction goes to completion? (b) What is the limiting reactant? (c) If the actual yield of the reaction was 75$\%$ instead of 100$\%$ , how many molecules of each kind would be present after the reaction was over?





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Video Transcript

okay to solve this relation first you have to write down the balance digression for duration which you'd ocher between neck tress and monoxide and oxygen. So the rational way and all plus Oto will give us in orderto and we have to balance there Rachna creation. And if we just put two here and two here, then we have tonight wasn't in its side. And two plus two four ox is in in his sight, so that miss our revolution is balance now. So from here, you can say two molecules off on nectars and model sidedly recreate one molecule off to and two molecules off in Toto. So, um, that means so once again, um so for Americans, see that two, two molecules off, you know, erected one molecule off oxygen to give us two molecules off. You know, too. Now, if we look at the diagram, we give them here, we can see that since this double Rex fears our oxygen and red and blue ones and natures and monoxide are in all. So from here you can count to see how many molecules of which one we have here. So what does he want? Toe three four, five, six, seven eight molecules off in all and one, two, three, four, five monocle off our oxygen. His present here. So So we have eight molecules off in all and five molecules off oxygen. Now we're asked if variation goes into compression. How many molecules off, you know, toe we will find from here. So from the balanced equation, we can see that too. Medical, self and all will recreate one molecule of oxygen to produce two molecules off in Auteuil. So that means for eight molecules off in home, we need actually four molecules of oxygen. R, if you just look on the other way for five molecules of oxygen we need ten molecules off, you know, But we have only eight molecules off. You know, that means that this eight molecules will react to it. Ah, four magical self for Monica. Lt's off oxygen to give us eight molecules. Often it'LL so that means if the reaction goes into completion, eight molecules off in orderto will be produced. So that is the answer to your first question. And our second question is what is the limiting regent are the limiting reactant here? As you know that the reactor and which will be completely ah, consumed first is the limiting reactant. So here you can see that after the complete creation we have, since we have five more nickels here, but four molecules of oxygen are reacting. That means we still have one molecule, our folks again, our remaining in the reaction mixture. And since all eight molecules off an or being completely consumed, that men's ah, well, completion ofthe enorme, the reaction will be completed. And that's why this, you know, here is our limiting reactant. And the North third question is, if the actual field is seventy five percent of a hundred percent, how many medical office kind we'LL represent after the recession is over? So for dead lis, right down the rationing question one more time. You know, plus or two will give us to enter, too. And so if one hundred percent, it is found that miss eight monocle off, you know, twist produced. That means for seventy five percent the number off a Noto are produced Point game eight a. M, seventy five percent or seven two five hundred on DH. It will give us if we can make it three before and then for it. We can be two three time, too. It's six. So if the seventy percent is the field are the seventy five percent is the field, then six molecules off you know who will be produced. So our protector is six molecule. Now we have to find out how many molecules off each wrecked and will react to produce. Six molecules, often auto, and the rest off the molecules will be remaining in the mixture. So since from here you can see that two molecules off in auto producers to Molly, two molecules off inner produces two molecules off. In order to that, men's six Monica LS off, you know, will produce six particles of energy and sins to our two. Molecules often react with one molecule of oxygen that men six monocle self. You know, we react with three molecules off oxygen. Now that means, after the creation, how many molecules off each reactant will be remaining since he had given right eight Molik yourself. You know that men's after the complete creation are after seventy five percent ailed wee will be remaining with two molecules off, you know, And well, since you're given eight that makes eight minutes six is two and we were given five molecules of oxygen. That means five ministries also to means to Monica yourself oxygen remaining. And since this is our product that men six molecules off you know toe will be also in the mixture. So if the product our person deal is seventy five percent, that man's two molecules off, you know, to Monica yourself or two and six monocle self, you know toe will be present in the reaction, Mr. After the reaction is over.

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