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Problem 18 Medium Difficulty

Predict the election Just before a presidential election, a national opinion poll increases the size of its
weekly random sample from the usual 1500 people to 4000 people.
(a) Does the larger random sample reduce the bias of the poll result? Explain.
(b) Does it reduce the variability of the result? Explain.


a) No
b) Yes


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Video Transcript

Let's say that a statistic is biased, right? You can think of in archery here. And if a statistic is biased, well, you should a narrow let's say we'll hit here, right? You were together More data then says it's biased is not going to get close to where we wanted to be. We wanted to be here. Gun where data is just going to keep the air. I was going to keep hitting the board here. Therefore, what that means is, if we acquire so acquiring a larger sample will not change the vice. No, for poor pay. Well, but you were to go wrong. Sample of menstruation or publishing the sure shown. So this is 100. And then there's Horner's 100,000 then. So I could a little one there are here. No, this one. Well, being more Nero. Therefore, this friend would increase. Uh, it's friend. Well, decrease. Uh, a sample in Christs