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Problem 51 Easy Difficulty

The graph of a function $ f $ is shown. Which graph is an antiderivative of $ f $ and why?


This condition is satisfied the curve $b$ -The blue curve.


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Video Transcript

sorry. We've got a question here that gives us the graph of F and were asked to calculate which one will determine which one of these other grabs for the anti derivatives of A We're just looking at this. We could see that it is more than likely gonna be this one here. Just be. And we know that because, okay, the graph of the anti derivative, um, is going to be decreasing over the same interval. Okay, Basically, you know that if we have a interval from here, say that this that the anti derivative this, uh, for example point some point would be decreasing in that same interval. It's so hypothetically, we had a point. Let's say here a call that point A and we can see that the interval Ada Infinity f has a positive value. So the graph with the graph of the integral of life is increasing over age infinity. So the anti group F has a minimum value at a hey, Okay, we have point equal to zero. We see that it would have its minimum value at that point and we could see that this is the lowest point on this graph. The other grabs do not have their lowest moment. Lowest point at that point when x when the line, the curve of left intersects with zero and the only one that satisfies that condition is the we would say that the the anti driven F is gonna be the graph. All right, well, I hope that clarifies the question. Thank you so much for watching.