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Problem 43 Medium Difficulty

The number of recognized blood types varies by species, as indicated by the table below. Find the mean, median, and mode of this data. Source: The Handy Science Answer Book.


Let $x$ be the entries in the "number of blood types column". $\overline{x}=\frac{\Sigma x}{n}=\frac{96}{13} \approx 7.38$
The 13 (odd number) values are sorted. The median is the middle, seventh value, $7 .$
The values $7,5,$ and 4 each occur twice, the greatest number of times. The modes are $7,5,$ and $4 .$


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Video Transcript

this question shows you a table of several animals, 13 animals and the number of blood types of the exhibit. First, it wants you to find the mean now the mean we know is the sum of all. The X is divided by the number. We can count him up and know that there are 13 different data points here. And when we add them all together, we get that sum. The total is 96 explores. You're gonna be 96/13 which we confined is about 7.38 That's the mean of these 13 animals. There are, on average, 7.38 blood type blood types that they exhibit. I actually want to find the median, and then we know we know when we have an end equal of 13 the median is gonna be at position, um n plus one over to, in this case, 13 plus one just 14 14 over to seven. So x seven is going to be our median. And if we can't, this is already in order. So if we count our seventh, uh, data point will get that x seven, which is I think the dog is seven blood types and that's our median Median is seven. Finally, it wants the mode, and ah, this was a little bit trickier because when we look at the data, it doesn't not one that's obvious. Um, in fact, none of the data repeat, except for 75 and 475 and four of the values that show up twice, and there are no values that show up three times. So these values are values that show up the most in our data, So we actually have three modes 75 and four.