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Problem 50 Hard Difficulty

Two particles travel along the space curves
$ r_1 (t) = \langle t, t^2, t^3 \rangle $ $ r_2 (t) = \langle 1 + 2t, 1 + 6t, 1 + 14t \rangle $
Do the particles collide? Do their paths intersect?


does not collide, intersect at $(1,1,1)$ and $(2,4,8)$


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Video Transcript

The problem is to particles travel overland. The space curves our once. He is tedious qualities. Cube. Two tears. You've got one last duty on us sixty one US. What do the particles relate to? Their profit? Just act so first particles plate of means there exist some tea. Cyril. Such sight one zero is the cultural hot to his here, so if they lead with half, he's zero is equal to one plus two zero. He's zero. Squire is because one past sixteen year old he's zero skill based on what you want. Us fourteen from the first equation. Half his hero is because you nicked one at one with plugging If you want you to second the question. We have won this secret collective half this is a contradiction. There's a party cause don't relate. Did their pas is dissect? There's a year passes in Just act means there exists. She won, and two such that our want you want is equal to our tea, too. So we have. If their passage heartless interests act, we have t one square one this he would want us to Pam's tutu. One squared is equal to one US sixteen to he wants you with Sequential one plus fourteen two first locality. Question one on the question too. So two minus one? Yes. You want square months? Do you want this? They could war. It's you. And from a question one we have forty two is equal to two hands, one minus one. So we sell off this e questions we have t one is equal to one or two. Twenty one is They would want to go to zero. And when she wanted this sicko too too. He too is cultural. Half friends with plucky this two values Should you Christians three with find off first cases it one week or two one this case she wind secret One two is your hero. So we have one you could want and or this case I have been in six to eight. So both of them are true then behalf Their passes intersect on DH. They have two intersection points