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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty

Use a graphing calculator or spreadsheet to calculate the mean and median for the data in the indicated exercises.
Exercise 2


$69.475 \qquad=$ AVERAGE $(A 1 : H 10)$


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Video Transcript

this question Escapees computer program To find the mean and median of the data presented, an exercise to I've entered all the data into Microsoft. Excel in the cells a one through a 80. What I'm gonna do in the next cell is find the average what? Using the function. Average cell type equals average and then enter Arrange. Adjusted was a one through a meeting. Whenever center it does that are averages 69.475 How did the same to find the median except using the median function median and then our range a one through 80. I don't find that her median is 69 so these are your final answers.