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Problem 23 Easy Difficulty

Use a graphing calculator or spreadsheet to calculate the mean and median for the data in the indicated exercises.
Exercise 1


mean: 73.86. median: 80.5


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Video Transcript

this question asks you to use a computer program to find the mean and median of the data given in exercise one. Now I've copied and pasted all the data into a Microsoft Excel worksheet, and the data can are contained in cells a one through a 36. Now, to find the mean I'm gonna type equals and then average and they don't enter my range, which accepted a one through a 30 six center. I get that the average is 73.861 Now I'm gonna do the medium to do that. It's the same things that we use. The median function type equals median A one through a 36 and we'll get to the median is 80.5. These two are your final answers.