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Problem 33 Medium Difficulty

Use the graph of $ V $ in Figure 11 to estimate the half-life of the viral load of patient 303 during the first month of treatment.


4 days

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Video Transcript

All right, so in this problem, we're using the figure from the book to figure out an estimate for the half life. Now, my sketch of the graph is very, very rough. And clearly I've only included a very small amount of information. So to do this problem accurately, you definitely need to look at figure in the book. But the point is that we want to find the half life, which is the time it would take for the quantity to decrease to half the amount. So I noticed that at about the 0.5 40 we have about 40 units of whatever it is we're measuring. And then we also have the point roughly near 9 20 so 20 is half of 40. So it looks like we have about half the amount How much time elapsed from day five today? 94 days elapsed. So I would estimate that the half life is four days