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Problem 12 Easy Difficulty

Use traces to sketch and identify the surface.

$ 4x^2 + 9y^2 + 9z^2 = 36 $




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Video Transcript

in the problem we have been given the function which is 45 square plus nine, Y squared plus 90 square. And that equals to 36. So here we can see that the ellipse is formed. Really? Did. Yes. Zero comma zero. And you can see that this is the X. Axis, this is the Y axis and this is the J Alexis. So yeah, in X. Xs he had the three and three. So mhm. We have seen that the lips is formed by cutting X. Access both sides at three. This is the point and this is the point. So it cuts ex excess at minus three and three cut wide access at two and minus two cuts jailed access at to end minus two. So yeah, also you can see that this is minus two and this is to and here it is too and this is to minus 20. So the ellipse which is formed. So this ellipse is formed because it cuts excesses at three and minus three. Why is he said two and minus two and get exist at two and minus two. So this is the girl which is formed. Bye These points and the function of the skull is this? So this is the answer to the problem.