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Problem 88 Hard Difficulty

What is the percent yield of a reaction in which 45.5 $\mathrm{g}$ of $\operatorname{tungsten}(\mathrm{VI})$ oxide $\left(\mathrm{WO}_{3}\right)$ reacts with excess hydrogen gas to produce metallic tungsten and 9.60 $\mathrm{mL}$ of water $(d=1.00 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mL}) ?$


90,65 percent


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Video Transcript

So I always will be the percentage to you if we have Ah, constant for oxide. We have We have excess hydrogen do both use metallic johnson and also ah, 9.6 militar water. Okay, so Ah, First of all, we have 45.5 gambol, oft Johnston, uh, for oxide and that we have water and ah, two people deals. And also with the matter and constant, Um ah. We have to first bonds to chemical reaction now because we have to do it in order. Thio have ah, pop her so called mystery and motivation between reactor. So I put a fleeing from the water, Um, in order to keep our tendons for all said to be one. So I already bounds tungsten and also off again. So the last thing that I'm going to bonds will be our, um Hutchins. How didn't. Okay, so we have ah, Bonds can cool reaction and then, um, for hydrogen in excess. So we already know that. And we had to find a person issue. So 4%. You, um you see coasted Ah, mass that we actually ah, off the politics It we were actually measure. So your experimental value. Ah, is experimental. We actually do experiment of i'il offer off the again the mass off the port it. But it will be for your practical, free radical. So you just assume everything we at 1% is good And then time 100%. Okay, so we have to file the mass support that that is experimental. And also, we have to find the mass support that that is for your article. Okay, so first of four for the master departed these experimental. It's pretty straightforward to find out because we can just look at the amount of water produce. So the amount of water produces 9.6 minutes and that it has this one gram per minute er so we can conclude that the massive apart that were long Rick and you handle that water, it will be becasue 9.60 graham from the actual experiment. That measure. So we have to file the theoretical mass of water produce we we have off the tendons for all sides. Meaning, um um, reacted. Okay, so we have to come for this equation, but ah, that's final. The freak in a mask who had first so for? Ah, we have 45.5 grams offenses fork site. We have a convert that to limbo most. So far. So far less father. More than mass off tons, tons done for oxide. So we're wanting to feel one in flea poin? No, for the mother mass off Johnston, plus 16 times Lee, we have to further 1.9 and then the mambo or move every half hour mass off a tungsten t. Why? By the mother mass to 31.9 and that we should be able to find us. He goes to see upon one Ah, six most oft under Stan four oxide. So soup on ones are 96 mil. Okay, we're going to going back to our count. Cool reaction over here. Ah, we can see that the motorway show between Tontons for oxide and also we afford a It's 123123 So therefore, if we have a 100% percent issue theoretical value. Gen The amount of water being produce will be close to our number. Move off. Johnson Times three. So we're suing 0.196 tensely, so we are still 0.588 Grammar water being for deals. Five a. Bakewell. More water in produce. Okay, so we have Ciro Point. Um, sorry. 7.58 Most find most there. Yes, Fire Most. Okay, so the next step is we have to found it with the mass of water. Of course. Yeah, I skipped a step. Okay, so we're going to take our limbo. Mose 0458 Most timed, um, with the mass off water. And then we should be able to find as 10 points. Six grand. 10.6. Where will be the theoretical You off water. So I have 10 points. Six Ah Graham. So we are going to 1965 10.6. Time, 100%. And we can You should be able to find that the percentage of what? The around 19 90.6%