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Biology 2015

Sylvia S. Mader, Michael Windelspecht

Chapter 24

Flowering Plants: Structure and Organization


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Problem 1

New plant cells originate from the
a. parenchyma.
b. collenchyma.
c. sclerenchyma.
d. base of the shoot.
e. apical meristem.

Aanandi M.
Numerade Educator

Problem 2

Meristem tissue that gives rise to epidermal tissue is called
a. procambium.
b. ground meristem.
c. epiderm.
d. protoderm.
e. periderm.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 3

Which of these cell types is dead at maturity?
a. parenchyma
b. meristem
c. epidermis
d. companion cell
e. sclerenchyma

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Problem 4

All of the following are vegetative organs except
a. leaves.
b. herbaceous stems.
c. woody stems.
d. seeds.
e. roots.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 5

Which of these is an incorrect contrast between monocots (stated first) and eudicots (stated second)?
a. one cotyledon - two cotyledons
b. leaf veins parallel-net veined
c. pollen with three pores - pollen with one pore
d. flower parts in threes- flower parts in fours or fives
e. All of these are correct contrasts.

Omar G.
Numerade Educator

Problem 6

a. are the primary site of photosynthesis.
b. give rise to new leaves and flowers.
c. have a thick cuticle to protect the epidermis.
d. absorb water and nutrients.
e. contain spores.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 7

Root hairs are found in the zone of
a. cell division.
b. elongation.
c. maturation.
d. apical meristem.
e. All of these are correct.

Cole D.
Numerade Educator

Problem 8

The Casparian strip is found
a. between all epidermal cells.
b. between xylem and phloem cells.
c. surrounding endodermal cells.
d. within the secondary wall of parenchyma cells.
e. in both endodermis and pericycle.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 9

Monocot stems have
a. vascular bundles arranged in a ring.
b. vascular cambium.
c. scattered vascular bundles.
d. a cork cambium.
e. a distinct pith and cortex.

Elizabeth R.
Numerade Educator

Problem 10

Between the bark and the wood in a woody stem, there is a
layer of meristem called
a. cork cambium.
b. vascular cambium.
c. apical meristem.
d. the zone of cell division.
e. procambium preceding bark.

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 11

Which of these is a stem?
a. carrot
b. stolon of strawberry plants
c. spine of cacti
d. sweet potato
e. pneumatophore

Shivani B.
Numerade Educator

Problem 12

Which part of a leaf carries on most of the photosynthesis of a
a. vascular bundle
b. mesophyll
c. epidermal layer
d. guard cells
e. trichomes

Grant C.
Numerade Educator

Problem 13

How are compound leaves distinguished from simple leaves?
a. Compound leaves do not have axillary buds at the base of leaflets.
b. Compound leaves are smaller than simple leaves.
c. Simple leaves are usually deciduous.
d. Compound leaves are found only on pine trees.
e. Simple leaves are found only in gymnosperms.

Sumana R.
Numerade Educator