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Graph Vertical Transformations - Example 2

In mathematics, a graph transformation is a function that maps one graph to another. Such transformations are used in the study of graph theory, in particular in the study of planar graphs.


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Video Transcript

information on a coast on parent function, and we're gonna do a vertical shift, and we're gonna use y equals four cosign two, and then we're subtracting five. So what? That means that our K is negative five. So we're going to shift this down five units now on the parent graph, I kind of shrunk this down just to kind of show this a little bit better. Each unit on the Y axis is one. So for this one, we're gonna go ahead and do our midline at negative five. So right here is our midline. Now, the other thing we wanna go ahead is we wanna find our amplitude on. Our amplitude is the absolute value of four, which is a so that's going to be four. Someone draw some dotted lines from there, and then what we're gonna do is we're going to shift down this to that point, so I'm gonna draw another color. So everywhere I have that on the wide, I'm gonna go ahead and put those on my mid lines, and then everything else will shift down five units