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Problem 29

Apply Green's Theorem to evaluate the integrals i…

Problem 28

Apply Green's Theorem to evaluate the integrals in Exercises $27-30 .$
$$\oint(3 y d x+2 x d y)$$
$C:$ The boundary of $0 \leq x \leq \pi, 0 \leq y \leq \sin x$




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Video Transcript

you have, like, two evil we'd win Dio interrupt were see offering. Why works to do you want? We're, uh, soon Use the bond, Really? By by the whole conditions in the X Y plane, the X Y plane. Uh, XP, Jeannie, you hear on by I, uh Why between Syria and sound affects. So yeah, most of this is basically, well, has bonded by. Well, well, the function. Sign off sex between sheer on by, uh, should look something like that that was by So these x that white but are well, the bond really is this region is gonna be these curves on the movement. Agreed counterclockwise. It's like taking his car like peace. Well, so this is the Cropsey on. Uh, you go. These function him on that portion in by means here in these people toe rooms, the drop over the inside. Yes. Use these. He's the the area includes by that curve. It says, um, partial, being troubled, partial and with respect to x minus partial of him. You respect the way the ex wife. So what are those? Well, here in he's, uh and he's just wax to the vehicle. Our software X with respect. Wax minus partial. Three y you respect? Why? Powers of these theory? X. Why come? Well, actually, it's easier doing the raids. You wait drinking one first control here you sent? Why? Because you're on scientific sign. Signed, not leaks is a curveball that cover. Use these pieces. Why is he put? Sign fix 30 y evidence here on Santa Flex. It would be some public okay like that. Like that region for extra things you want. But so so not here. Well, they do have somebody School three to fuel ministry. Why X but ah, Well, why, uh why be X? Um what goes with us here on scientifics On exposed between ex schools looking but X. So, um, all these number here is minus one to the internal of minus one. With respect. Why would be your stuff the until irritable that this mine is. Why? So that will always be that sign we'll fix it is your You're gonna be minus sign fix. Mine is when Syria's old well, that that term doesn't matter. So sort of these interval will be cool equal to the off miners sine x the X because you're armed. Why? But um Well, they had to do it off. Sign these, uh, minus closing. So? So everybody else that b minus and being minus course, we'll fix on being well that I volunteer picking by zero. So, uh, well, these minus and minus uses minus of minus castle on. That would be, of course, by minus course to cuisine by is minus one uncle signing to one to remind us one might as well. Gov minus two, minus two. So, uh, some of these travel t minus school is that so? Uh, seven year old, my still

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