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Problem 34 Easy Difficulty

Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.
$ y = 2e^x + x, (0,2) $


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Video Transcript

Hey, it's Claire's. That would mean right here. So we're given why is equal to two e to the X power Plus why plus acts. Excuse me at zero comma, too. We're first going to take the derivative. So once we take the derivative, we have to e to the X plus one, since the derivative of each of the AKs is e to the X. And now that we have the derivative, we can plug plug in our X value to find the slope of the tangent line. So we plug in zero and we get three, which is equal to em. So we find our new equation. Why minus two is equal to three times X plus zero. This is equal to y is equal to three x plus two.