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Problem 8 Medium Difficulty

Graphs of populations of two species are shown. Use them to sketch the corresponding phase trajectory.




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Video Transcript

Hello, Ron. This is problem H on, and well, we need to growing face trajectory. So first of all, is your access. So this is going to species for and this is going to me. The shoes too. Oh, we're gonna start a zero zero 100 900. What 1000? A dozen or 100? A dozen? 200 on and a dozen. 300? Yeah. Okay. And on the wire service that's going Teoh Ah, 150 250 350 hunk. See? 150 um, 630. Yeah. So for species 11 time Zika resume. It's going to be a hunger. So for me, on a hunger it and then suspicious to is going to be a selling 100. She will be a little bit of both 650. So let's say there this is going to read time musical, Latino or okay. And then from there they'll draw too about when it's 100 50. Suspicious one is 100 50 suspicious to be about 200. So about her here it's a nice point. And then was issues. One is 900 species to will be about 150 And then when species wonders 1100 specialise too will be about 100 Say there And then we're species Wonder So does in 200 swishes To who? About nine You fly So we'll know And then when suspicious wonders 1300 She's too will be a little bit of both Uh ah, 100. So just stay there. Okay, so and then afterwards One suspicious oneness. 1200 species too. About 200. So enters back here. So you connect thoughts. I was here, Cruz. Starting creation? Yes, they caused that. Okay, so just some work to this ground for species one. Our team not was 100. Uh, and then our team Max, there's Ah, 1300. It is one which iss That's Wallace. And then she cost them. So after, as time goes by, I was going to stay a 200. Um and that is why stays there, um, And then curse issues too. We have that are starting corn. There are 700. And this is also our team, Max. Her species todo So you're talking about that point? This case, electricity history and then while or to minimum, is going to be 195 course. She's Teoh chilled me about there. Yeah, both there and our t constant. So as time cares, going suspicious too will be 200. So that's right here.