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Problem 17 Medium Difficulty

Two cars start moving from the same from the same point. One travels south at $ 60 mi/h $ and the other travels west at $ 25 mi/h. $ At what rate is the distance between the cars increasing two hours later?


$$65 \mathrm{mi} / \mathrm{h}$$

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Jake N.

February 26, 2019


Video Transcript

The first thing we can do is construct a triangle to help us understand what we're solving for this problem. Obviously, we know that this is south and this is West. Just given the compass using the pipe Bagram the arm X squared plus y squared equals X squared expired just in. Troubled by the car after time t Well, we can write this as two acts D x over DT Let's do why do you Why over DT equals to us de ass over DT decks over duty is 25 you're overdue to 60. Therefore we have asked is squared of X squared plus y squared putting in 50 squared plus 1 20 squared, which is 1 30 It's no substituting and values to our original equation. We got GS over DT This 65 units is miles per hour