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Problem 44 Medium Difficulty

Use intercepts to help sketch the plane.

$ 6x + 5y - 3z = 15 $


$6 x+5 y-3 z=15$


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Video Transcript

we have to find the intercept and we have to go down Car for this situation. So this states we have 6.6 plus five. White minus treason. That is equal to 15. So here we have to find village of X, Y and Z. And after that we have to solve this problem. So first of all put Y and J equals 00. So here we have the X equal 15/6. That is equal to 5/2 which is equal to 2.5. That is plus 2.5. Now for the value of why we put the value of X and Z equals zero. Therefore a Y equal 15 upon five which is equal to three. Now for value of Z we put X and Y equals zero so zero equal 15 upon minus three. Therefore these -5. Now using these three Values we have to draw the car. So here we can see that X is equal to 2.5. So this is the x axis, this is the Y axis. This is the date access. So here this is the 2.5 for ex and at y Y is equal to three and Z is equal to minus five. So why is equal to three? This is the white so it is three and Z is equal to minus five. Sos it is equal to minus five is here this is minus five. So using these three points we drew the curve or the plane for this situation and this is the answer to the problem