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Problem 22 Medium Difficulty

Point-masses $ m_i $ are located on the x-axis as shown. Find the moment $ M $ of the system about the origin and the center of mass $ \bar{x} $.


$154,154 / 47$


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Video Transcript

indescribable were given point. Mrs. And Nowhere has to find the moment about the origin. And where's to find central myself? This object We know that first of all, movement as summation off Bess is multiplied by the distance to origin. So usually that would be this distance, this distance and distance. And since this one is on the negative side, it will effect the origin or its will try to move the central bus or the moment towards this negative site. What I'm saying is that when we're summing it up, we'll take that one. Has negatives or 12 times negative three plus and these air on the positive side. So the effect of those will be positive plus 15 times two plus 20 times eight. That is you go to the negative 36 plus 30 plus 167 moment about George Inness 1 50 For now, he ordered Central I'd often object or central mess is you going to x I am I Or am I excited? Is the moment about the origin divided by the total less? Be already find a moment about the origin in first part. So that is 1 54 We're going to divide this by information off total SS or 12 plus 15 plus 20. That is 1 54 divided 4 to 7, and that is about 3.28 So the central mass is about one exit three point to it so easily, that would be somewhere around here. And if you were to hold this system from here, and die system would be in belts.